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Traditional Thai Massage in Girona Spain

Discover the ancient art of Thai massage at Aroma Thai Massage & Spa in Girona, Spain. Also known as Nuad Thai or Thai yoga massage, this traditional healing practice originated in Thailand and offers a unique approach to bodywork. By combining acupressure, assisted yoga postures, and passive stretching, Thai massage aims to restore balance and alleviate discomfort by addressing blocked or imbalanced energy pathways called "sen lines" in the body.

During your Thai massage session, our skilled practitioners will utilize their hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet to apply rhythmic pressure along the sen lines. Through fluid movements, gentle rocking motions, and incorporated stretches, tension is released, promoting flexibility, joint mobility, and deep relaxation.

Thai massage has gained worldwide recognition due to its effectiveness and popularity. It is sought after by individuals looking to relieve muscle tension, alleviate stress-related symptoms, reduce stiffness, and combat general fatigue. Whether you seek therapeutic treatment or a rejuvenating experience, Thai massage offers a holistic approach to wellness, combining the benefits of acupressure, yoga, and meditation in a single session.

Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

  1. Reduced Muscle Tension: Deep pressure and stretching techniques target and release muscle tension, alleviating stiffness, knots, and discomfort. Experience relaxation and improved flexibility as your muscles unwind.
  2. Improved Circulation: Rhythmic movements and applied pressure stimulate blood flow, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles and organs. This increased circulation promotes better overall health by eliminating waste and toxins.
  3. Enhanced Flexibility: Gentle yoga-based stretches during Thai massage specifically target different muscle groups. Regular sessions gradually increase flexibility, improve joint mobility, and enhance overall range of motion.
  4. Stress Relief: Thai massage combines physical manipulation, stretching, and deep relaxation techniques to effectively reduce stress and anxiety. Experience a sense of calmness, mental tension relief, and a peaceful state of mind.
  5. Increased Energy and Vitality: Thai massage works on the concept of energy pathways in the body. By stimulating and balancing the flow of energy, it revitalizes the body, boosts energy levels, and promotes a sense of vitality and well-being.

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Thai Massage Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Aroma Thai Massage & Spa, we have customized our Traditional Thai Massage to incorporate both dry and oil massage techniques. This modified approach has become the preferred choice for the majority of our customers. However, if you would specifically prefer a dry massage, kindly inform your therapist before the session begins.

  • For your Thai Massage session, we offer Traditional Thai pants to ensure your comfort and allow ease of movement. To prioritize your comfort and modesty, your upper body will be covered with a sheet while the therapist works on your lower half.

  • Thai Massage involves deep pressure and stretching techniques that may occasionally induce mild discomfort, especially if you have areas of muscle tension. However, communication with your therapist is crucial. Inform them about your comfort level, and they can adjust the pressure accordingly to ensure a pleasant and effective experience.

  • While Thai Massage is generally safe for most individuals, there are certain contraindications to consider. It may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions such as fractures, severe osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, or recent surgeries. It's important to consult with your healthcare provider or our therapists to determine if Thai Massage is appropriate for your specific situation.

  • At Aroma Thai Massage & Spa, our thai massage treatments are available in either 60 or 90-minute sessions, allowing you to choose the duration that best fits your schedule and needs.

  • Thai Massage offers both relaxation and therapeutic benefits. While it is known for its ability to promote deep relaxation and stress relief, it also targets specific areas of muscle tension and aims to improve flexibility, circulation, and overall well-being.